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DEMENTIA 21, Volume No.4

Episode 13 Rumiko Ooyagi is worrying about her wrinkles way too much. Yukie Sakai recommends her a new cream for beautiful skin, but that has unthinkable consequences!

Episode 14 Ms. Nanae Matsushima just can't pass the Common National Senior Citizen Center Test. That's when Yukie Sakai, a professional in the field of senior citizen nursing, is called to help out as a private teacher. Will Yukie be able to lead Ms. Matsushima to passing the exam?

Episode 15All of a sudden Yukie lost her consciousness during a walk outside. When she wakes up she sees old people wandering around like they're being guided by something. What in the world is going on?

Episode 16 Yukie went on a trip to the mountains with a few of her old friends from high school. But in the pension germs are spreading, which cause their bodies to age rapidly. What will become of them?

Episode 17 Kazue, an old lady, has a weird problem. Things in her vicinity just disappear. Is this once again because of aliens? Or did another dimension emerge?

Graphics quality improved from 600x733 to 800x977 !!

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Shintaro Kago

Artist Profile

Drawer of bizarre manga.
His works are about eroticism, grotesqueness, nonsense, black humor, imprudence and bizarre things. Many of his manga are characterized by an experimental style that uses metaexpressions. Apart from manga he has a wide range of creative outlets ranging from illustrations and modeling to video.
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