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    COMICLOUD Vol.3,No.6-10
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DEMENTIA 21, Volume No.5

Episode 18 Every year a huge horde of grandchildren is demanding New Year's gifts from their grandpa. Together with Yukie Sakai he tries to keep the number of his grandchildren from growing by preventing his sons from making more kids, but...

Episode 19 Yukie was called again to look after Setsuko, an old woman who she has cared for some time ago. Setsuko's "power to make everything disappear" quieted down thanks to the therapy and she looks quite healthy, but...

Episode 20 A special reanimating technology for the dead was invented in order to battle shortage of labor. The zombies work very hard without a complaint. But all of a sudden residents of the nursing home are disappearing one after another...

Episode 21 As the number of elderly shoplifters grew, the prisons became full with senior citizens. What kind of unthinkable secret plan will the government and police come up with?

Episode 22 Mr. Yokota safely returned to life from the afterworld. He used this experience to build a soul-body separation machine, but it causes unexpected troubles...

Graphics quality improved from 600x733 to 800x977 !!

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Shintaro Kago

Artist Profile

Drawer of bizarre manga.
His works are about eroticism, grotesqueness, nonsense, black humor, imprudence and bizarre things. Many of his manga are characterized by an experimental style that uses metaexpressions. Apart from manga he has a wide range of creative outlets ranging from illustrations and modeling to video.
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