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    COMICLOUD Vol.3,No.11-
    COMICLOUD Vol.4,No,4
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DEMENTIA 21, Volume No.6

Episode 23 Yukie Sakai and other members of the resistance bravely made a counterstrike against the diapers that are steadily taking over the world. Diapers vs. Humanity. How will it end?

Episode 24 This year again the season where we all happily wait for Santa's presents has finally come... or so we thought! The slightly demented Santa Clause is causing a lot of trouble throughout the town.

Episode 25 When an old lady found out that her daughter-in-law concocted an evil plan to kill her using mochi (sticky rice cakes), she underwent a special muscle training program.

Episode 26 Mr. Kayama used to be a famous actor. Valentine's Day is supposed to be a happy day, but for him it's pure horror...

Episode 27 The annual bingo tournament is about to begin! But instead of regular bingo cards a housing complex for senior citizens is used...

Episode 28 The year is 12013. Yukieko Sakai found remains of an ancient human culture and analyzes discovered items. She comes to a horrible conclusion...

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Shintaro Kago

Artist Profile

Drawer of bizarre manga.
His works are about eroticism, grotesqueness, nonsense, black humor, imprudence and bizarre things. Many of his manga are characterized by an experimental style that uses metaexpressions. Apart from manga he has a wide range of creative outlets ranging from illustrations and modeling to video.
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