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    COMICLOUD Vol.4,No.5-
    COMICLOUD Vol.4,No,10
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DEMENTIA 21, Volume No.7

Episode 29 Yukie Sakai was hit by a truck out of the blue! Will this be the end of her life...?

Episode 30 Manga artist Shintaro Kago. Although he draws manga for Comicloud every month, the pay just isn't enough for a living. Then suddenly there are talks about turning Dementia 21 into an anime.

Episode 31 All of a sudden Yukie is told that she's out of her job. She starts to suspect the report that she has no memory of and tries to find out the truth, but...

Episode 32 Yukie Sakai lost her job at Green Net. She's trying to look for work, but those photos (of her procrastinating from the last chapter) are circulating and making things very difficult.

Episode 33 Yukie Sakai lost her job and sled into debt. Then she was approached by the Organization for a Proper Population Pyramid. What are they trying to achieve?

Episode 34 With the help of Yukie Sakai the Organization for a Proper Population Pyramid did a good job in reducing the number of old people, but then they started to fight back!

Final Volume!!

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Shintaro Kago

Artist Profile

Drawer of bizarre manga.
His works are about eroticism, grotesqueness, nonsense, black humor, imprudence and bizarre things. Many of his manga are characterized by an experimental style that uses metaexpressions. Apart from manga he has a wide range of creative outlets ranging from illustrations and modeling to video.
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